Right Of Withdrawal:

You are entitled to a refund (withdrawal) within 14 days of product delivery.
If the buyer exercises his right of withdrawal, The SELLER, from the date receives the withdrawal notice, at the latest within 10 (ten) days, The SELLER immediately attempts to return the product price to The BUYER's bank account or to The BUYER's credit card account.

Exchange and Return Conditions:

The product (s) you want to return or replace; undamaged, you must return all its accessories and original box together with the invoice.
Return and replacement of products whose original box/packaging has been damaged are not accepted.
The package of the product that you will return or replace must be undamaged, unused and not damaged as a result of the use error.

Products if transmitted to us used, worn, washed, damaged, not carefully packed, therefore broken and damaged, we may have to send it back. In this case, there is no refund or exchange with another product.
As a buyer you are obliged to for being inspect the product subject to the contract before taking delivery; dents, broken, packaging torn, etc. damaged and defective product; without delivery from the cargo company, have the authorized employee fill out a status/damage determination report that notes the problem in detail and you should not take delivery of the product. The delivered product shall be deemed to be nondamaged and sound. For products containing damage/defect/shame accepted before the authorities without filling out the condition/damage determination form, it will not be possible to request a refund later in accordance with The Buyer's Obligation To Check The Product.

As a buyer, you can return or replace products that have not been used,non damaged, or broken within 14 days under the right of withdrawal. We would like to remind you that you have an obligation to carefully maintain the product during the period during which you exercise this right. As a result of sloppy packaging, there will be no refund or exchange for products that are broken, damaged, worn out.
The shipping fee for the product you want to return or change is covered by our company. You must send a return through the shipping company that delivers to you. Products sent through different shipping companies will not be accepted.

If the invoice of the product to be returned or changed is issued on behalf of the VAT payer (natural or legal persons who are obliged to issue the invoice), when returning the product, it must be sent with the return invoice. The return invoice must be issued (in the form of product unit price + VAT), without including the cargo share. Invoice, VAT taxpayers (natural or legal persons who are obliged to issue invoices) issued orders returns, if the return invoice is not issued, will not be completed.


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