Brand : hiskulture
Price : $9.42(Vat included)


Woven rug in cotton content that can be used on both sides

Material: 100% Recycled Cotton

Color : Grey / White

Generally Usage

 Your rug should not be whipped, beaten, swept with the brushless ends of the vacuum cleaner.
If you have a coffee table, seat, and similar items placed on your rug, you should change their location from time to time so that they do not make traces, It should sweep the places where your items come into contact with the carpet with the brushless ends of the vacuum cleaner.

If anything is spilled on your rug, it should be intervened very quickly.
In such issues you should first ensure that excess liquid should be absorbed by applying buffer with a paper towel without dispersing the spilled liquid, cleaning agents containing whitening (such as bleach) should not be used.
After applying buffer to the area where the liquid is poured, you should wash it with cold water and natural soap. The wiping process that you apply to the carpet should be in such a way as not to disperse the stain; circular or counter-directional hard rubbing should be avoided.
The cleaned area should not be printed on it until it is completely dry.
Deep Cleaning

If your rug needs deep cleaning, it can be washed in the washing machine in a delicate program and at a maximum of 30 degrees. Heavy chemical cleaners (bleach, etc.) containing sodium hydroxide (caustic) Strictly during washing.) should not be used, squeezing should not be done with certainty and the temperature of the washing water should not exceed 30 degrees.
After cleaning, you must spread your rug without hanging on the floor and dry it in short time.
Your rug should not be used when wet and should be protected from direct sunlight.



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